Download the appropriate version from

Choose the installation directory depending on how many users there are in your computer. If you are the only one, $HOME/apps may be ok. If you are not, /opt might be a better choice.

_$: tar xf arduino-1.8.2-linux64.tar.xz
_$: cd arduino-1.8.2
_$: sudo ./

Belonging to dialout group

_$: sudo grep 'dialout' /etc/group

In case you don’t already appear there, add yourself to said group:

_$: sudo usermod <user> -aG dialout

Permission to the serial port

_:$ ls -la /dev/ttyACM0
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 abr  6 21:03 /dev/ttyACM0

Since permissions have been granted to read and write for all members of dialout group, we don’t need to do anything else. In case this is not true, give permissions to the dialout group this way:

_$: sudo chown root:dialout /dev/ttyACM0
_$: sudo chmod g+rw         /dev/ttyACM0

Launch the IDE

_$: ./arduino

Configure your board and port:

  • Go to Tools -> Board and choose your board.
  • Go to Tools -> Port and choose /dev/ttyACM0.

Now you can try to upload a simple program:

  1. Go to File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink.
  2. Press the Upload button.
  3. Marvel yourself with that blinking led.
  4. It really ties the room together that blinking led.