(@gitserver)_$: apt-get install gitolite


Copy your public key to the git server:

(user@workstation)_$: scp /home/user/ user@gitserver:/home/user/

And configure gitolite to know about that key:

(_@gitserver)_$: adduser gitolite
(_@gitserver)_$: mkdir -p /home/gitolite/public-keys
(_@gitserver)_$: mv /home/<user>/<user>.pub /home/gitolite/public-keys
(_@gitserver)_$: su - gitolite
(gitolite@gitserver)_$: gl-setup /home/gitolite/public-keys/<user>.pub

Clone the gitolite-admin repository to administrate gitolite from your workstation:

(user@workstation)_$: cd code
(user@workstation)_$: git clone gitolite@gitserver:gitolite-admin


Create a repository:

(@gitserver)_$: cd /srv/git
(@gitserver)_$: mkdir testing.git
(@gitserver)_$: git init --shared=true --bare ./testing.git

Clone that repository:

(user@workstation)_$: cd code
(user@workstation)_$: git clone user@gitserver:/srv/git/testing.git

And you should be able to work with that repository as usual. But now you can administrate that repository with gitolite.